Welcome, Community First Class of 2019!
We hope you’re having a great year! We love seeing your relationships grow with your community partners.

Thank you for your dedication to expanding healthy food options in your city!

What’s Now!
Team Member Update #1 due Friday, May 1.

We can’t wait to hear how your partnerships have been going, find ways we can improve our support, and ask you about a couple ideas we have to keep you involved with Whole Cities… We know everyone is busy, so we’ve kept it short and sweet.

Here’s the link to submit your report: https://wholecitiesfoundation.submittable.com/submit/5733a838-3242-4de6-8f28-ea9a593ea8bc/2019-2020-community-first-grant-team-member-update-1

This update is focused on YOUR experience, so please make sure you are the one to fill it out. Your partner will submit status and final reports later in the year telling us how they have been putting the grant funds to use.

CFG Call Notes
January 2020 Call Recording

Resources and Materials
2019 CFG Binder Pages – Kits and binders were shipped out in early 2020! If you would like to create a duplicate binder click on the link to print the binder pages.

2019 Digital TM Profile Posters – If you would like to print additional copies of your profile posters or read through other TM posters, click on a TM name to view or print.

Social Media Takeover – Check out how you can submit photos and videos to be featured on WCF social media channels!

Team Member Volunteer Signup Template – Use this template to create a Team Member signup sheet for community partner volunteer events through Community First program.

Community Partner Volunteer Signup Template – Use this template if your community partner is hosting a volunteer event (not through the Community First program) and does not have a flyer available to post.

If you have any questions about next steps, don’t hesitate to contact Nikki Newman.

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