Hebni Nutrition Consultants

As envisioned by Hebni Nutrition Consultants, the Fresh Stop bus is a mobile farmers market created to serve in-need neighborhoods. The program offers fresh fruits and vegetables in community-centered locations and at budget-friendly prices.

By providing expanded food options to targeted communities, Fresh Stop will drive positive health outcomes and create a road map for generational change for families hardest hit by diabetes and heart disease.The Fresh Stop mobile market is a re-purposed Lynx bus outfitted with special refrigerated racks for fresh vegetables and fruits. Every two weeks, the Fresh Stop will visit 16 different food desert neighborhoods in Central Florida.






Year Type Amount
2016 Community First Grant $5,000
2017 Community First Grant $5,000
2018 Community First Grant $5,000
2019 Community First Grant $5,000
2020 Community First Grant $8,000
2021 Community First Grant $8,000
Total: $36,000



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