Welcome to the Whole Cities Champions Program! 

Whole Cities’ community-led approach is successful in large part due to the involvement of Team Members. To help Team Members build a better understanding about Whole Cities’ work and approach, we have created the Champions Program to develop a deeper foundation for U.S., CAN and U.K. Team Members. 

In the Level I, one-hour Cornerstone course you will: 

  • Learn about Whole Cities’ mission and origin story
  • Explore Whole Cities’ approach to philanthropy and food access
  • Create a better understanding of Whole Cities’ grant programs and work

Learn more about how to get started below. We are so grateful for your participation to become a WCF Champion!


Daily Note Users / Store Leadership: DOWNLOAD CHAMPIONS POSTER HERE

Get Started

Now that you’re ready to join the program here are the steps to take to complete the program:

Because Cornerstone trainings must be done on the clock, we ask that Team Members taking part in the program to get approval from their Team Leader before starting the training. STLs and ASTLs do not need to submit TL approval. Have your TL fill out this form to submit their approval. If you plan to email your TL directly for approval, we have created a general template that you can share with them. 


Whole Cities Foundation is launching a Champions program for Team Members to learn more about the Foundation, including resources to connect with local community organizations and ways to take action to help expand healthy food access. 

I would like to participate in the program and need Team Leader approval. The program should not take more than 1 hour of time, and I would need to be scheduled for time off the floor to complete the training. If you approve my participation, I will work with you to schedule the best time for me to complete the training.

As part of the program, I will be able to help spread the word to fellow Team Members about Whole Cities work and anyone interested in a deeper involvement with the Community First Grant Program. 

To submit your approval, please fill out this form at your earliest convenience: https://wholecitiesfoundation.org/champion-program/champion-pilot-team-leader-approval-form/.


Upon approval, you and your TL will receive a confirmation email to move to Step 2. Make sure to check your junk folder in case it is sent there.


Step 2. Complete Cornerstone Training

Once you have TL consent to complete the course, you can immediately log in to Cornerstone and search for “Whole Cities Champions” to complete the 1-hour training. 


What Team Members are saying:

More Ways to Take Action

  • Sign up for the Beet, our monthly TM newsletter 
  • Download a Community First poster to post in your BOH, logbooks or at your desk
  • Automatically donate to Whole Cities through your paycheck via Workday
  • Food for Thought Exercise: The 7 Community First Principles can be adapted and applied in any relationship. Be honest and open in our thoughts and words, always deliver what we promise- these are practices we foster on the Whole Cities team and in our relationships with other stakeholders. Introduce your team to these principlesdiscuss how you use these in your work, and look for opportunities to bring them into your interactions with your team and customers.
  • Read the Whole Cities Blog to learn about community partners, examples of Community First Principles in action and more!
  • Listen to Whole Cities Healthy Food for All Podcast > 5-15min audio stories
  • Learn from Dr. Akua how to eat your way to optimal health> 46min video 
  • Nominate an organization for a Community First Grant
  • We don’t get to hire often but when we do, we share these opportunities with Team Members in the Beet. Sign up here.
  • Research an organization in your community that is expanding access to healthy food or nutrition education and get in touch! Volunteering Tips coming soon!

If this program is a success, we plan to offer Training Level 2 as well as other opportunities to get involved. Sign up for the Beet to stay in the loop! 

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